Happy Holidays from Resume.io!

Thank you for being with us this year!

As the fluffy snow falls and Christmas lights twinkle outside our windows…

…the Resume.io team would like to send you a message of gratitude and hope during this holiday season.

2020 has been hard for everyone, no sense pretending otherwise. But as it draws to a close, there is something positive we would like to share: despite all the challenges, you have been amazing!

We are thankful for the chance to help your professional dreams come true and we will continue to do everything in our power to support you next year!

We wish you happiness, success, friendship and above all – hope.

May the small everyday pleasures (like a hot cup of cocoa or a warm smile) bring you as much joy as new professional achievements!

the Resume.io team

Going to Dublin - the Docx (Word) export feature is live for this popular template!

Another of our recruiter-tested and professionally designed templates can now be exported into Docx and Word files. So, if your employer needs a Docx type resume, or you simply want to be able to edit, save or send your resume in this file format - you can now use the stylish Dublin design. This is one of our Creative templates, with lots of clean space and a splash of color.

As a reminder, numerous resume templates can already be exported into Word files, this is just the latest addition.

If you prefer perfect formatting across any screen or device - PDF is your best choice. However, Docx files are used by some online systems or candidates who prefer to tinker with resumes offline.


When submitting a job application through an online system, remember to check which file format is preferred by your employer.

Stay tuned for more updates and have a wonderful day!

More languages: Chinese and Hindi now supported!

The Resume.io team is happy to announce new features for two of the largest professional markets in the world: China and India! Hindi and Chinese languages are now fully supported in our resume builder, opening up new opportunities for international and local careers.

What this means:

  • You can now choose these new languages in the resume builder
  • The resume sections are automatically translated into your language of choice
  • The language format is supported when typing and editing your resume

More international features are on the horizon, so keep an eye on our updates!

P.s. Resume.io is currently supporting over 20 different languages.

Section title editor is active!


Resumes have become even more customizable - you can now rename and edit section titles!

It may be a little thing, but we hope this update helps you tailor your resume even further for the best results.

So, if you decide to change your “Profile Summary” section to a “Personal Statement” or “Objective” - simply edit the title on the left side. Your resume will immediately adapt as well.

We hope this small quality of life improvement makes your job hunt experience better!

The Resume.io team is always looking for ways to upgrade our service, so stay tuned for more news.

Resume builder feature: Skill Suggestions

Resume.io continues to implement advanced features into our resume builder! This time, it's all about making the perfect Skills list for your resume.

Picking the appropriate skills for your job application can be difficult. Which skills are the most relevant? How to choose the correct names and terms for them? It's surprising how much time can be lost on small questions like these.

So, we decided to make your life easier and use Machine Learning algorithms to assist you: our resume builder will automatically suggest likely skills at the top of the section. As you add them, the system will analyze the current picture and suggest new relevant skills, which you can adjust in placement and experience level.

Sounds complicated? It's super easy on the user side - just click and choose!


Stay tuned for more cool feature updates.

Wishing you all the best, Resume.io team

Resume sharing statistics have arrived!

We’re super excited to showcase a new feature that allows you to take your job hunt to a completely new level: unique resume sharing statistics!


From now on, you will be able to know awesome in-depth data that gives you more control over your job search:

  • See resume views over the short and long term: know how your resume is performing, when you need to improve something or increase your networking efforts.

  • Locations from which your resume was viewed: keep track of global opportunities and identify employers based on city/country.

  • How long someone viewed your resume: understand their level of interest and never miss an engaged recruiter!

  • Increased / decreased trends in resume views: track how changes to your resume affect its results and attractiveness.

As always, we hope that each new feature we introduce will help build the career of your dreams. Stay tuned for more updates!

Merge resumes and cover letters into one PDF file!

PDF exports have become even more flexible! With our latest update, you can now merge your resume and cover letter into a single PDF file for added convenience.

This way, you can not only avoid clutter and find your professional files more easily, but also streamline your job applications. Send your professional story in a single PDF document for the recruiter’s convenience, as well as your own.

You can find this new function in the dropdown menu under “More” to the right of your resume/cover letter preview. Then, simply choose which two documents to combine and you’re good to go!

Step 1 Capture.PNG Step 2 Capture2.PNG

Make sure your cover letter and resume go hand in hand and are never missed. We are committed to always expanding our feature list, so stay tuned for future updates!

Docx (Word) export option is live for the Sydney resume template!

In our constant quest to provide more options and freedom to our users, we've adapted the Sydney resume template for .docx export! Now you can save this vibrant, creative resume design both as a PDF and a .docx (Word) file.

The Sydney resume template is great for most modern and creative professions that require bold and streamlined design!

sydney resume template.PNG

When you have finalized your resume in our builder, you are now able to export it to PDF and .docx format.

Just click on the "…" button next to the "download PDF" button!

Reach new heights with new professional deals!

In our new update, we’ve launched a Deals feature within every resume.io account. This function allows you to expand your job development beyond the usual scope: into expert resume reviews, educational services and even business advantages. Simply go to the header menu at the top of your account page, navigate to the “Deals” section and check out all the great opportunities available there.

resume.io deals page.PNG

We’ve put in extra effort to go beyond just resume construction and partnered with the best professional service providers to offer you great ways of boosting both your career and your job search!

Some examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Get an expert’s opinion on the strength of your resume and learn how to sharpen it to a razor edge.
  • Subscribe to bargain educational courses of the highest caliber in nearly every field. From artistic professions to finances - it’s all here.
  • Create a website for your business, portfolio or professional blog, no coding skills required. Stand above the crowd with a personal brand and a strong professional image!
  • Certify and upgrade your skills to reassure and impress employers, as well as potential clients.

Check out all these awesome, unique ways of professional development… and stay tuned for more updates!

Stockholm template update

More file type features — more freedom! The resume.io team has been hard at work improving our .docx (Word) file resume functions to empower your job application capabilities even further.

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 19.26.43.png

The latest updates were modeled on our Stockholm template (the professional crowd favorite) and implemented a host of useful features for .docx (Word) files:

  • Introduced color-coded progress bars for the skills section. Show your skill mastery through visual elements! The feature can be found in the sidebar under languages/skills.
  • User avatar image support has been added. Optional but stylish personalization.
  • Icons now highlight the main resume sections (profile, education etc.). This makes Word file resumes easier to read at a glance. Not to mention - more pleasing to the eye.
  • Multi-color design support added! More visual freedom, more creativity, more style choices (affects links and skill levels).
  • Improved formatting and spacing across the board, similar to our PDF resumes.

Stay tuned for more updates as we make our resume builder better and better!